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A Valentine Evening

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Back Ground

Over the last 2 years starting with the first show in September 2019  at the Pearl Theatre in Hamilton followed by a 2nd show at an intimate private back yard setting in Ancaster in September 2021,  we have had the pleasure of listening to a wonderful ensemble of music and story telling by Alan Frew of Glass Tiger. 

My business partner and close friend Matteo Sacco; which most of you know as well; has been instrumental in making these events happen.  With Matthew, I have had the pleasure of attending these shows with very close friends of ours and have created great times and memories and at the end of the day all to benefit a good charity cause.


On February 11, 2021 there is another private event being held in Hamilton at the Zoetic Theatre with Alan Frew as a benefit in support of St. Joseph's Healthcare Foundation for their renowned research of prostate cancer.

We are sending out this private link to our close friends that have attended these private functions with us in the past so that they may secure a spot on a special row that we have reserved for our friends.  It is on a first come first serve basis as there are only 20 seats available in this reserved section.  Any other seats after these first 20 may be seated in a different spot in the theatre.  These shows have been met with great enthusiasm and demand and because of this, the venue size has been getting a little larger each time.  With 260 seats in total for this venue this will still be a very intimate setting.

I urge everyone to reserve their spot as soon as possible by sending payment of $92.50 which includes taxes and ticket fees.  Payment can be made by e-transfer to Matthew Sacco at his email address and use the password "matteo" all in lower case.

Below is also a count of the confirmed seats that will make up the 20 tickets in our reserved row.


NOTE:  DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY....20 Tickets Sold Out!!

if you have any questions, please text me at 647-524-7755

The Zoetic

What is The Zoetic?


The Zoetic is Hamilton’s Historic Theatre… Reborn. Located near the edge of Hamilton Mountain, in the Concession Street district, this almost 100-year old theatre has a vintage style and features vanguard entertainment - outstanding talent and shows in a beautiful, social setting!

History in the Making

This theatre has been known by many different names in its almost-century... You may recall The Movie Palace, The Mountain, The York, or even The Lyceum. Today, it is reborn The Zoetic - and it's unlike anything it has ever been before. Come and experience the rebirth for yourself.

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