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Don't have your

records? Let RASCI

get them for you.


In order to obtain records as promptly as possible, please use our online request and medical authorization form through  RASCI’s portal.  A secure HIPAA compliant health and information exchange network, using “End-to End encryption for secure communications” ensuring that your data has been protected throughout its delivery to you. 

Experts in Cloud Based Records Access and Transfers


• Patients

• Physicians

• Insurance

• Lawyers

• Government & Municipal


Whether you are a records retrieval company, insurance company, law firm, a patient or any other business that requests records with a signed PIPEDA or HIPAA authorization form, you can register with RASCI as a Requestor and:


• Send requests electronically

• Track requests progress online

• Pay for records and download immediately



How Records Access Services Works


• Register as a RASCI Patient User or     Requestor. This will allow you to send requests electronically to RASCI on their network.


• Login to the Secure System and request records electronically.


• Once your request is approved and fulfilled through Records Access Services Canada, Inc., you will receive an email notification. Click on your secure link, pay for and download records.   MORE 

Benefits of Using RASCI


• Reduce the turn-around time for records from weeks to days


• Reduce time on the phone, following-up on requests with custodians


• Avoid the potential for records lost in the mail


• Cut direct labor costs, significantly impacting your return on investment and increasing your competitive advantage.      MORE         



"After 40 years of practicing medicine in the City of Toronto, the time had come for me to retire and close down our office and practice. I can certainly recommend RASCI and their services to any medical practice that is closing their practice, for whatever reason."


Dr. A. P. De Souza, M.D.

RASCI uses a HIPAA compliant platform connecting a network of requestors and providers. Our focus is on operating a secure online record sharing & delivery service for the seamless transfer of sensitive documents between patients, law firms, doctors, insurers and title companies, as well as other groups who depend on a secure and fully audited transfer of records process.  We are also able to provide patients the ability to be in possession of their own medical record.  RASCI is free to providers and allows requestors to reduce cost and record turnaround time resulting in more timely, better informed decisions.  By utilizing this system, RASCI’s mission is to become the universal platform for third party record requests in Canada.


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