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What We Do          Pricing         Why  Use  RecordBank

Home          What We Do          Pricing         Why Use PatientBank

Home          What We Do          Pricing         Why Use PatientBank


The easier way to access your medical records

What We do

Home          What We Do          Pricing         Why Use PatientBank

Gather your medical records from one place.

The Healthcare System in Canada  makes it difficult to obtain and share medical Information between two or more parties.   RecordBank makes it easy to request all your medical records from all your doctors—and it all happens here, securely online

Get a centralized & shareable summary of your medical record.

We'll combine all the information from RecordBank into a medical record and deliver it to you electronically which can be easily shared with doctors, lawyers, insurers  and family members.

Available Hospitals in Canada


Available Doctors in Canada

Need your records? We will get them for you fast.

We know requesting and gathering  your medical records can be a pain.  So just tell us where you've been for care, and we'll go get your records for you.



Prices are all within allowable guidelines and considering the cost you would incur if you had to take your record and copy it at your local copy centre where costs vary from $0.40 to $0.45 a page, our fixed fee prices are actually quite reasonable.  And all conveniently done from the comfort of your own home.

Our flat fee prices range from $59.95 for single record requests to $139.95 for Family of 3 plan.

How it Works
How RecordBank Works

Simply make a medical record request as Patient User securely online by completing our online form.

Once your request is approved and paid for,  you will receive an email notification that your medical record is ready for download.  Click on your secure link using your private health number as your password and your medical record is ready for you complete access.  RecordBank utilizes Records Access Services Canada, Inc. (RASCI) platform to request and receive medical records.

Why Use PatientBank?
Why Use RecordBank?

RecordBank lets you request medical records online, stores them safely for you, allowing you to access them anywhere  — and it's even faster and cheaper too!

In order to obtain records as promptly as possible, please use our online request and medical authorization form through  our portal.  A secure HIPAA compliant health and information exchange network, using “End-to End encryption for secure communications” ensuring that your data has been protected throughout its delivery to you.


Are you a patient requesting a medical record for yourself or someone else?

Healthcare Provider

Are you a Healthcare Provider or a Medical Clinic Requesting a Patient's Medical Record?

Law Firm, Insurance Agency

Are you an Agency, Law Firm, Insurance Company Requesting a Medical Record for a Client?

RecordBank is a division of Records Access Services Canada, Inc.   RASCI's  uses a secure platform connecting you to your private folder containing requested client records. Our focus is on operating a secure online record sharing & delivery service for the seamless transfer of sensitive documents between patients, law firms, doctors, insurers and title companies, as well as other groups who depend on a secure and fully audited transfer of records process.  We are also able to provide patients the ability to be in possession of their own medical record.  RASCI allows requestors to reduce cost and record turnaround time resulting in more timely, better informed decisions.  By utilizing this system, RASCI’s mission is to become the universal platform for third party record requests in Canada.


The easier way to access your medical records


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