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Leverage the RASCI’s network of providers and requestors to experience significant costs savings whether you are a Records Requestor, Health Care Provider, Law Firm, Insurer, Title Company or any Provider of Records. RASCI utilizes the ChartSwap engine that is built around an easy-to-use, efficient, and automated workflow.



  • Reduce your average turn-around time from weeks to days, making your clients more satisfied

  • Eliminate the cost of scanning records

  • Reduce time on the phone, following-up on requests with custodians

  • Avoid the potential for records lost in the mail

  • Cut direct labor costs, significantly impacting your return on investment and increasing your competitive advantage



  • Reduce direct labor, materials, and shipping costs

  • Manage all records requests online and view your progress on each request or in aggregate

  • Receive fewer phone calls from aggressive record companies

  • Avoid reworking requests for "lost" records

  • Mitigate HIPAA liability by eliminating insecure methods of transmission and reducing risk of unauthorized disclosure

  • Leverage your investment in EHR to experience efficiencies inherent with electronic work flows



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