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For Patients

• Has your Physician recently retired and need to transfer Record to another Physician?

• Is your Physician about to retire?

• Has your insurance company or WCB asked for medical information regarding a claim?

• Are you moving and need to transfer to another Physician?

• Do you simply want to be in possession of your complete medical record?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then RASCI can assist you in accessing and retrieving your medical records by following these 4 easy steps:

  1. Just fill out the areas marked from Section 1 to 7 on our online Record Request page;

  2. When complete,  use your mouse, stylus, or finger to sign your name for your e-Signature;

  3. At the bottom of the Form, click on the SUBMIT button.  If you missed some fields, it will be highlighted in RED;

  4. You will be directed to a SUCCESS Page if your request was sent;

  5. Wait for a message from RASCI on the status of your Medical Record Request


Avoid having to make an appointment to your physician's office to fill out paperwork to obtain a copy of your medical record, and then returning a second time to pick it up once it has been located.  Why do all that when you can do it all online safely, securely, quickly and all from home.

 Why you need a copy of your medical record

Your Physician relies on your full medical history in order to make key clinical decisions for your patient care.  If your physician or healthcare Provider does not have that physical record, there could be vital information that puts you as a patient at risk.

Patients also have a legal right to obtain their medical records about themselves, but many patients have reported difficulty in doing so.  Records Access Services Canada is your portal enabling you to gain access to your records in a secure and confidential manner. Canadians have legal rights to access their personal health information and medical record. The Personal Health Information Privacy Act, passed in 2004, opened the door for greater access to personal medical records. In Ontario, the College of Physicians and Surgeons has a policy that all information in the medical record must be released to patients upon request, with a few small exceptions.


Many patients are not aware of their rights to their records. As well, while most patients express an interest in reading their medical record when offered the chance, a study published in 2002 found that less than 1% of patients or families in the United States and Canada spontaneously submit a request to review their record.


Preventing Needless Deaths and Suffering

Patients suffer, even die due to lack of information about their medical history or condition.  Many of these deaths could be prevented if physicians, nurses and patients had access to medical histories and records and with today’s modern technologies this is all possible.  By registering online with RASCI, patients are empowered with knowledge and to think about what is really going on with their medical history making you feel part of the decision making process.

A study in the Annals of Family Medicine found that 80% of “error chains” in medical cases resulted from miscommunications between physicians, misinformation in medical records, and mishandling of patient requests and messages.


Your new doctor will not only need information about past office visits and treatments – he or she will need detailed records on any current or old prescriptions, surgeries, injuries, illnesses, and hospitalizations in order to continue providing the quality of care and trust that you built with your old doctor. With experience in all aspects of medical record storage and information, we are able to compile the records your new doctor will need, while understanding the importance of patient privacy.




  • Have the ability to share your medical record with any health care professional of your choice.

  • Patients will not have to re-tell their medical history to every caregiver.

  • Patients will not have to worry whether their doctor knows about their last prescription, test or treatment and how it may impact their current care.

  • Insurers or Workers Compensation may demand this information to settle a claim.

  • Patients can review their personal medical information in private, at their leisure, when they want.  Patients may be able to add relevant information, over the counter medicines or dietary supplements they are taking (reducing the likelihood of a bad drug interaction with their prescription medications), their self monitoring data for blood sugar, or their blood pressure.

  • If you are ever away from home and need to visit a walk-in clinic, you will have the ability to provide them with all the important and necessary information that they require.

  • Patients will not have to physically go to their doctor to get their records.

  • Know the medications you have taken in the past.

  • You are already in possession of other important family documents. Doesn’t it make sense to have your medical records included? 

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