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SUCCESS! Your medical record request was successfully submitted.  If you need to make another request for a family member, you can do so at the bottom of this page.  You will receive an email from RASCI within the next 48 hours on the status of your request along with an invoice covering the costs for obtaining & processing your medical record request.  RASCI will be scanning, combining and preparing a digital or paper copy of your medical records for you within the next 10 to 14 days.

Upon payment to Records Access Services Canada, Inc., your medical record will be released and securely sent to the email address or mailing address (if you requested a USB or printed copy) that you provided to us.  Please check your inbox and/or your junk mail for a "Secure Email Message Notice" of your processed medical record request.  Click on the 'Read Your Secure Email Message" link to access your medical record.

READ: Your secure link will lead you to a security verification site  where you will be required to enter your personal health card number (numerical digits only) as your password.  Once you have entered your password, scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find a PDF link to your medical record.  Click on the PDF file to download your personal medical record directly to your computer.  You have 30 days to download your medical record to your own PC or smartphone before the link to your medical record expires.  



During this period and through various stages of COVID-19 lockdowns, RASCI office staff have been mainly working remotely and this has posed a challenge in order to keep the flow of medical record transfers.  This has slowed down the process time to fulfill medical records.  Please be patient and your medical record request will be fulfilled as expeditiously as possible.  Medical records have to be physically prepared and scanned and digitized so that they are ready to be fulfilled.  

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Need to make another Record Request for an additional Family Member?

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RASCi uses a secure HIPAA compliant platform connecting a network of requestors and providers. Our focus is on operating a secure online record sharing & delivery service for the seamless transfer of sensitive documents between patients, law firms, doctors, insurers and title companies, as well as other groups who depend on a secure and fully audited transfer of records process.  We are also able to provide patients the ability to be in possession of their own medical record.  RASCI is free to providers and allows requestors to reduce cost and record turnaround time resulting in more timely, better informed decisions.  By utilizing this system, RASCi’s mission is to become the universal platform for third party record requests in Canada.

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