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Includes Searching, Preparation & Scanning of Medical Chart,Administration & Custodian Fee

Single Person Medical Record

  • Single Person Transfer Fee

    Includes Searching, Preparation & Scanning of Medical Chart


    Refund Overview

    Last Updated: March 23, 2017

    Once you place an order for records RASCI's Health Information Exchange Portal, we work hard to get them uploaded to our RASCI Portal and delivered to you as quickly as possible.  The process involves working with various Health Information Custodians (such as hospitals, healthcare providers) that hold your requested records and because we are bound to their timeline, it may sometimes take up to 30 days.   We kindly ask for your patience during the time that gather your records.


    Normally, once records are uploaded onto our portal and delivered to you, your order is not refundable.  In the event that we cannot fulfill your record request, we will notify you and refund your payment.


    Fees and Refund Policy


    All fees payable to RASCI for services are in Canadian dollars and considered final payments.  No refunds will be given on fees paid except as set out below or at the sole discretion of RASCI.

    (a) Where a Requestor is obtaining a medical record as a Substitute Decision Maker and documents required for authenticating their status as a Substitute Decision Maker are not accepted by the Health Information Custodian from which medical records are requested, the Requestor will be given one additional opportunity to submit authenticating documents.  If the documents are subsequently not accepted by the Health Information Custodian, RASCI may refund up to the amount paid for the uncompleted request for medical records.

    (b) In the event that a request for medical records is not completed at no fault of the Requestor, RASCI may refund up to the amount paid for the uncompleted request for medical records.  For example, the Health Information Custodian does not release the records for whatever reason.

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