Patients Dissatisfied With How Their Healthcare Data Is Handled

The vast majority of patients say they want their medical info stored electronically in one location.

Patients are dissatisfied with the way healthcare providers and insurers are dealing with their personal medical information and they want it stored electronically in a single location, according to the findings of a Surescripts survey.

For the recently published report, Connected Care and the Patient Experience, researchers polled more than 1,000 American adults who revealed they are tired of having to repeat the same information multiple times to providers at every visit — either verbally or on forms. They are frustrated by the lack of communication and believe they should not have to complete medical history forms for every visit.

An overwhelming majority (98 percent) of those polled said someone should have complete access to their medical records, while 93 percent feel doctors would save time if their patients’ medication history was in one location. Efficiency is definitely lacking, according to those surveyed.