The Importance of Medical Records

Recent improvements patient healthcare are the result of many factors: scientific breakthroughs, medical innovation, and technological advances. Medical records fall into the last category; they are a portal through which a physician and other medical staff can step into the history of a patient to learn about prior care, understand current diagnosis and status, and subsequently create a treatment plan. Medical records have long been vital tools in patient care, and current technologies are bringing medical records into the 21st century through innovative software and hardware computer programs. As a healthcare professional, you should understand that the basics of medical records remain the same and its purpose is unchanged, regardless of the platform in which you interact with a patient’s healthcare history.

What Are Patient Medical Records?

Medical records are a combination of both self-reported patient information and a physician’s notes on diagnoses, care, and treatments. These histories involve a variety of information about a patient’s health history and personal habits, i